About Us

Why we started this blog?

This blog is a creative outlet for all our ideas. Our style is vintage, bohemian and all sorts of in between and we hope that this little project will project that style in the purest way. We really hope that our blog filled with our own style and inspiration will in turn inspire you to embrace your personal style and that we can fill your day with rays of sunshine.

Meet the team:


I am Wilné, teacher in training. My dream is to be the best teacher I can be. If it were possible I would’ve loved to live multiple lives. Each of those lives would give me the opportunity to live out all of my passions.

I love art, books, music, poetry, movies, literature and quotes. I have a PHD in overthinking situations. My mind is always racing, so much so that my mouth and other people have difficulty keeping up. I would want to spend all my time traveling, exploring the world and seeking beauty in the madness. Inserting applicable song lyrics and quotes from movies or TV series is a thing that I do. Spending time with friends and family gives me energy and acts as inspiration.

My most inspired time in the day is around 4 o’clock and when I drive alone in my car just having my own thoughts for company.


I’m a literature major, freelance writer and photographer. In my free time I enjoy a good workout, reading and doing a lot of DIY-projects.

Fashion is one of my greatest interests and I very much enjoy designing and making clothing. Traditional fashion as well as every person’s own personal style both inspires and fascinates me. I feel that it is important to have your own classic and unique style that suits you and portrays your specific personality traits.

My most inspired time of day is during the very early hours of the morning, usually between 01:00 and 05:00, that is to say if I have the luxury to climb right back into bed after five.